Business-Class Cloud Collaboration and Online Storage Solutions
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GroupDrive Hosted Services
A business-class cloud-based storage service that makes it easy to store, backup and collaborate on information.

Since 1996, over 60,000 customers in more than 113 countries world-wide have trusted South River Technologies for their Managed File Transfer and Storage needs.

What Is GroupDrive?

GroupDrive is a business-class managed file transfer and collaboration service that makes it easy for businesses to communicate, collaborate and exchange information seamlessly over the Internet.

With easy ad-hoc file transfer, file sharing and real-time collaboration, GroupDrive gives your team a secure private business network that lets you work at the speed of business. Subscribing to the GroupDrive Service means that users have easy access to the most current version of a file. GroupDrive eliminates the problem of multiple copies and versions of a file that are created with emailing attachments, by keeping your important business files in a secure online storage location.

Share Files and Folders Easily

Users can share files and folders and define the actions that other users can take on those files. When a folder has been shared with a user, they simply accept the link and that folder will now appear in their GroupDrive workspace.

Keep Important Files Secure

The GroupDrive Service supports encrypted sessions using industry proven SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), securing data-in-transit and making GroupDrive suitable for your most sensitive data needs. GroupDrive also has support for third-party client certificates, ensuring that your users are being authenticated prior to access being granted to the GroupDrive servers.

South River Technologies has partnered with one of the world's leading Internet Service Providers. Our servers are located in a secure facility that is monitored 24x7x365 to ensure availability of your critical business data.

Automate backup and Synchronization Tasks

GroupDrive offers an easy-to-use tool for automating backups and synchronizing folders between the PC and the GroupDrive servers. Backups can be scheduled as daily, weekly or monthly and can run as full or incremental backups.
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